Current Support Groups for Visually Impaired

SEPTEMBER to JUNE, 2015-16

This list of support groups for visually impaired changes from time to time, as new groups form and sometimes move. This is a current list of days, times, and towns. If you would like to attend a group, please contact the office. Since the coordinators are visually impaired or blind themselves, we let them know who to expect in advance each month.

Also, geography isn’t destiny. Your town may have more than one group, and sometimes a group in the next town over is a better fit for you.

One East Dennis client attends a Brewster group because it’s closer to him; a Yarmouth client attends the Dennis group because she has an old friend who also attends. The agency is happy to allow you to attend more than one, until you pick a time, place, and mix of people that is right for you.

FIRST TUESDAY – Harwich/Chatham meets in Harwich at 10:00 am

SECOND TUESDAY – Barnstable meets at 11:00 am; Brewster #2 meets @ 3:15 pm

SECOND WEDNESDAY – Brewster #1 meets at 11:30 am;

SECOND FRIDAY – Eastham/Wellfleet meets in Eastham at 10:00 am

THIRD TUESDAY – Yarmouth #1 meets at 1:00 pm

THIRD THURSDAY – Orleans meets at 10:00 am

THIRD FRIDAY – Bourne meets at 10:30 am; Yarmouth #2 meets at 10:00 am; Yarmouth #3 meets at 11:00 am

FOURTH TUESDAY – Falmouth meets at 10:30 am

FOURTH WEDNESDAY – Dennis meets at 11:00 am

FOURTH FRIDAY – Sandwich/Mashpee meets in Mashpee at 10:00 am