Support Groups for the Visually Impaired


Our Support Groups are a unique service for residents, providing vital peer support and the exchange of problem-solving strategies. Support Groups meet monthly at handicapped accessible locations throughout the Cape.

Assistive listening devices, speech enhancement equipment, and transportation are available for those who need it.

Services for Low Vision and Blind Clients

Our program is unique in that we provide services to low vision as well as legally blind clients.  While we are part of the BRIDGE Program of the Massachusetts Commission for the Blind (MCB), the state agency cannot offer services until a person reaches that status.

Many people who have not reached legal blindness status attend our Support Groups to talk with others who have already walked the path they find themselves on.

Since much blindness is incurable and degenerative, our low vision clients become MCB clients eventually while remaining our clients as well.  We work with them to benefit all vision impaired Cape residents regardless of age or degree of vision loss.

Each meeting provides a topic or speaker – experts in stem cell research, providers of low vision equipment, representatives of transportation and social service agencies, and town and county officials.

Sight Loss has also invited grief counselors to discuss the grieving process attached to losing sight – because unlike losing a loved one, the emotions attached to losing sight can bring about a battle that must be fought again and again. But there is always time for coffee and discussion as well.

Our groups are led by visually impaired leaders who are undergoing the same challenges as all the participants.  Our emphasis remains on peer-to-peer help and advice as the groups cope with their common problem together.  According to an annual ‘satisfaction survey’ for the MA Comm. for the Blind, in 2012, 87% of attendees felt that they had gained useful information, better self determination, and more control of their own life.

The groups meet across the Cape from September to June on a monthly basis.   If you have interest in attending, please contact our office and we will provide you complete information for the group meeting nearest to you.